Body Lift

Full Body Lift

If weight loss, pregnancy or other circumstances have left you with an abundance of excess skin, a full body lift performed by Dr. Nathan Roesner at his offices serving Boulder, Denver and the Colorado area, can restore the contours you desire.

As gastric bypass and bariatric surgeries grow in popularity, so does the full body lift.

What Is A Full Body Lift?

Extreme weight loss, pregnancies or age can cause excess, sagging skin and fatty tissue on the lower torso and upper legs. This occurs because the skin has been stretched and is now loose and has permanently lost elasticity. A full body lift – also known as a belt lipectomy – will remove this extra skin and fat from the belly, hips, buttocks, backs and outer thigh. A full body lift offers dramatic, lifelong results. Excess skin and fat are removed, the contours of the body are lifted and flattened, and patients experience more confidence as they feel more comfortable in clothing.

Your Body Lift Surgery

The body lift surgery consists of vertical tightening of the skin. Vertical tightening requires a thin incision around the entire waist. The skin is then pulled up or down and the excess is removed from the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and back. A body lift may also include an upper arm lift, inner thigh lift, breast lift, face lift, liposuction and other procedures.

Body Lift Recovery

Body lift surgery takes approximately seven hours to complete. You will probably be slightly bruised and swollen and will experience some pain for a few days, but medication will be prescribed to keep you comfortable. You will need to rest for about one week. Normal activities can be resumed by most patients within four to six weeks.

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